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Have your favorite custom varsity jackets become unwearable due to a loose and faulty snap button? Well, it is very common for these strong and easy-to-use buttons to lose their strength with time. However, you will be pleased to know that fixing a snap button is not so complicated.

To fix a snap button, you just need a few hand tools. After finding the matching pieces, you need to use those tools to remove the old button and install the new one. To know in detail about this process, keep investigating further.

Gather Your Tools

The required tools for replacing both spring snaps and heavy-duty/camping snaps are mostly the same. You can either use a set of hand tools or get a more expensive snap tool. The final result is the same, but the snap tool will make your work easier.

Tools Needed

Hammer, snap fasteners for both sides (2 parts each), snap tool.

Tip: In this example, we used a set of snaps that are widely available in stores.

The hand tool kit for snap fasteners consists of three pieces – two bars of different shapes and a hammer bed.

How to Fix a Snap Button – Showing Effective Steps

It may seem a bit tricky to replace a snap button at first. But if you follow the process step by step, you will find it pretty easy.



Time Needed

Max. 10 minutes

Step 1: Sort Out the Parts and Pieces

You’ll need a hammer, a snap tool, and replacement snap fasteners (2 pieces for each side).

Both male and female parts have two pieces each of their own. The female part has a cap that is visible from the outside, and a piece consisting of a socket that is snapped into. The male part has a piece consisting of a peaked bit, called a stud that goes into the female part, and a post that holds the previous one.

Once you have sorted out the pieces, determine on which side you will attach the female pieces and on which side you will attach the male ones. If you have only one side to replace, make sure you are installing the right pieces.

Step 2: Install the New Pieces

Once you have sorted out the pieces, it’s time to install the new snap button. Use a flat and sturdy surface, so that you can hammer the pieces properly. The installation process varies slightly for male and female parts.

Step 2.1: Installing the Female Part

Take the cap and slip it through the fabric. Then take the hammer bed and rest the cap on it. Make sure to use the concave side of the hammer bed. Place the female socket in such a way that the metal tube of the cap goes through the back of the socket.

Position the top of the snap on the front side of your fabric from above and the stud piece on the bottom, press them together with the snap tool and tap them firmly several times with a hammer.

Step 2.2: Installing the Male Part

Take the hammer bed and flip it over to reveal the side that has a little circle sculpted on it. Put the post on it and insert the fabric hole through the metal tube of the post. Note that the post goes backside to the fabric. Afterward, place the male stud on top of the metal tube of the post.

Use the hand tool with a pointy end and slowly hammer it. The point will slide through the little metal tube of the cap and form a ring. This will create a ring inside the female socket which will lock the two pieces together. Check if the ring inside is properly formed otherwise, if kept undone, the snap may come apart.

For the male part, take the hand tool that has a hole sculpted out at one end. Place the tool over the nub of the stud and then hammer it 4-5 times. Check the pieces if they are. If not, hammer them a couple more times until they are secured properly.

Step 3: Test the Button

At last, test the newly installed buttons whether they snap properly or not. If they don’t, there’s a possibility that the metal tube inside the female socket isn’t hammered properly. Try hammering it again to push down the metal part properly so that the male stud can snap into the socket, or start over the whole process.

If you are fixing snap buttons for the first time, you may not get the perfect result. So, it is wise to have extra pieces of snaps in case you need to do the whole process over.

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